Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel insurance

If you open a new FlexPlus account, you will not be covered for Coronavirus related travel claims. This is because it is a known and anticipated risk.

If you already have a FlexPlus account, you may be covered if your trip was booked before 18 March 2020.

FlexPlus travel insurance – what's covered

Applying for a FlexPlus account is quick & easy

Our FlexPlus current account comes with some great benefits, including a range of insurances. Cover will be in place as soon as the account is opened for Worldwide Family Travel Insurance, Worldwide Mobile Phone Insurance and UK & European Breakdown Recovery Assistance.

Living outside of the UK? If you live outside the UK you will not be able to use the insurance benefits that come with the account as these are only available to UK residents. You will still have to pay the monthly account fee, so please consider whether FlexPlus is the right account for you.

Already got a FlexPlus account? You can apply for another one, but you’ll be charged the £13 monthly fee for both accounts and may not gain any extra benefits by having more than one.

Borrowing with your current account

Arranged overdrafts
  • Your arranged overdraft limit is agreed with us in advance.
  • Designed for short-term borrowing.
  • We charge an interest rate - only on the amount you use, when you use it. Our online overdrafts calculator can show you how much an arranged overdraft might cost.
  • We’ll give you 28 days’ notice before charges are applied to your account.
  • You can find out how much you can borrow without affecting your credit score. Either with our eligibility tool, or in the online application screens before you open the account.
  • Remove or decrease your limit at any time, or apply to increase it, in our Banking app, Internet Bank or in our branches.
  • You must pay back your arranged overdraft before you ask us to remove it.
  • Increasing your limit often can be bad for your credit score.
Unarranged overdrafts
  • This is borrowing that’s not agreed with us in advance.
  • We don’t offer unarranged overdrafts at Nationwide. Instead, we’ll try to stop any payments from coming out of your account if you don’t have enough money.
  • No charges apply if you do go into an unarranged overdraft. But you will not be able to withdraw cash or transfer money until your account balance is back in credit or within its limit.
  • Can be bad for your credit score.
Text alerts to help you manage your borrowing
  • Text alerts will be sent to your mobile, unless you’ve opted out.
  • They may help you to avoid charges by giving you time to pay in money.
  • Arranged overdraft alerts - tell you when you enter, or are about to enter, your arranged overdraft. To opt out, text: STOP ARRANGED to 65037.
  • Unarranged overdraft alerts - tell you when you enter an unarranged overdraft. To opt out, text: STOP UNARRANGED to 65037.
  • Retry alerts - let you know a scheduled payment has failed, and will be retried later that day. To opt out text STOP to 65180.
  • You can opt back into text alerts in any of our branches.
  • You can also opt into alerts for high balance, low balance and statements using our Banking app and Internet Bank.

Temporary arranged overdraft interest rate

We’re temporarily reducing our arranged overdraft interest rate on FlexAccount, FlexDirect and FlexPlus from 39.9% to 18.9% per year compounded (variable) between 17 April and 17 July 2020.

This is a temporary change that we’ll apply automatically and won’t change the terms of your account. Please note that your account opening documents and overdraft documentation will not show the reduced rate. Your arranged overdraft interest rate will return to 39.9% on 18 July 2020.

Find out more about our temporary arranged overdraft interest rate.

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