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The purpose of Open Banking

Open Banking is a UK Government initiative to remove the technical barriers that stop your accounts from working better together when they’re held with different banks and providers. By safely sharing your account information, it makes it possible for financial technology providers, banks, online retailers and other companies to create innovative new apps, services and products that can help save you time and money.

It’s thought that Open Banking could ‘unlock’ the banking industry – make it more competitive, provide more choice for consumers and boost innovation.

The Open Banking initiative is being led by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in collaboration with us, consumer groups, banks, online retailers and financial technology (fintech) providers. For more information see

The future of Open Banking

Open Banking is just getting started but we can already see how it could benefit you.

Future of Open Banking

Imagine an app that uses the secure technology of Open Banking to show you all your accounts in one place, even if they’re with different providers. You’ll be able to monitor all your finances at once, with a single, secure log in.

Imagine applying for a mortgage and giving a mortgage provider access to your account statements using the secure technology of Open Banking with a click of a button.

Imagine an app that could suggest new products and lets you request money is moved between your accounts to take advantage of the best rates available. Even if they’re with different providers.

All of these things will one day be possible using Open Banking. As a member of Nationwide, you can now authorise third parties to access your current account and credit card information and make payments on your behalf using Open Banking. It’s a start, but more will follow soon.