How we keep it safe

  • Only you can decide to share your current account or credit card information through Open Banking, or allow third parties to make payments on your behalf. We won’t share anything without your explicit consent.
  • When you choose to share information with a third party through Open Banking, we'll only allow them to receive the specific information you've chosen to share through Open Banking - nothing more.
  • We run checks of the Open Banking Directory every time a third party you've authorised makes a request through Open Banking. The directory lists third parties approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or EU equivalent regulators - if they're not on the list, we won't share anything with them.
  • When you agree with a third party that they can use Open Banking, you'll be redirected to our Open Banking portal and asked to enter your security details. You'll use either your card reader, or your pass number and memorable information  - much like when you log in to the Internet Bank. This way we can be sure it's  you.
  • We'll use only secure API (Application Programming Interface) technology to transfer your information and allow payments.

What can you do to stay safe

With Open Banking, there's no need for you to share your account login details, PIN or passwords directly with a Third Party Provider. As long as you keep your details secure, Open Banking is safe to use.

If you are using a Third Party Provider to aggregate your account such as Yolt, you might notice a difference in the dates and times on your last login displayed on your Internet Bank, this could be the aggregator logging in on your behalf to refresh the account data information that they display.

If you have authorised a TPP then this should have been included in their Terms and Conditions. However, if you still think something is wrong please visit our Security centre.

However you choose to share your data, stay safe:

  • Be Vigilant

    If you don’t know who you’re talking to, or there is reason to suspect that the provider is not who they claim to be, don’t disclose your banking security credentials, or other personal or financial information.

  • Read the details

    Always read the terms and conditions of a provider of financial services carefully before signing up, this includes the terms and conditions of Third Party Providers.

  • Be savvy

    Make sure you understand and agree with what access you are granting to your account, how the account information will be used and who it may be passed to.

If you want to know more about staying safe online, check out our security centre

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