Published on: 29 June 2021

What's happened?

You may have noticed things looking a bit different here. But this isn’t some flashy makeover. We’ve spent the last year understanding how to make things better and simpler for you.

“Over time, our website has grown in size and complexity,” explains Peter Nutton, the Website Senior Manager. “So we took the decision to build a new site from the ground up and simplify. We interviewed members on what they wanted from a new website and observed how they used it.”

We asked, listened, researched, tested – and then did it all again, just to make sure we were getting it right. That meant going back to basics and focusing on what mattered most: putting your experience at the heart of what we do.

But our work isn’t done. We’ll carry on improving things over the coming months.

“Up until now, we’ve been making small improvements,” says Orla Hennessy, who heads up User Experience for the website. “But this project gave us the chance to make some bigger changes and our new technology means we can continue to make more improvements over time.”

And while that exciting work continues in the background, here’s what you can expect from the new Nationwide website.

Saying it as it is

What we say hasn’t changed. But in some cases, how we say it has. Our members come from all walks of life, while others have particular needs. That’s why, by binning the jargon and always talking in plain English, everyone can get where they need to go, first time.

And by making sure our content is readable, we’re open to as many people as possible.

“Care and consideration has gone into every piece of content on the new website – and all for our members,” says Mel Rodriguez, our Senior Manager for Content Design. “We’ve worked hard to create a website in line with the diverse needs of our members, making it easier to complete the tasks you need to. And why? Because we’re not owned by shareholders – we’re owned by our members, who are our number one priority.”

Opening up to everyone

Accessibility was our top priority: making sure that everyone, whatever their situation, could easily use our website.

“Having an accessible website means that everyone can use it – not just people with disabilities,” says Emily Coward, our Accessibility Lead. “Someone may have a temporary disability, such as a broken arm, or a situational disability, like using a mobile phone while holding a baby.”

Everything from the look of the site to the wording to the navigation was created with accessibility in mind. “Everyone should find the website easier to use,” continues Emily. “The page layouts are more consistent, the colours have better contrast, and the navigation has been improved to help people find things more easily.”

Lookin' good

Okay, so we look different – and better – but it’s so much more than a change of clothes.

“We've been modernising our branches, so our website was the next logical step,” says Lottie Coleman, who’s in charge of the site’s look. “The design was focused on improving our members’ experience by simplifying what you see on the screen. But as well as refreshing Nationwide’s look, it was equally important to make sure the website was accessible for everyone. And by implementing new technology, we’re able to stay modern and react quickly to the ever-changing needs of our members and the industry as a whole.”

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