Published on: 12 April 2021

Tina Jacobs, a football coach volunteer, has won the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award for February 2021.

The award recognises outstanding contributions, achievements and behaviour in grassroots football by young players under 18, coaches, teams, parents and referees.

Community spirit

Tina runs a local football club in Portsmouth called Victory Hants. It’s a diverse community group for 150 people with disabilities and other needs. Their purpose is to break down barriers within the community with the help of football.

Over the past year, Tina and a group of volunteers have supported her local community through these challenging times.

They have provided food to those with special requirements, a daily lunch for children in Portsmouth and access to laptops and other learning devices. The club has also given emergency food parcels for people made redundant or on extended furlough.

Gareth Southgate, the England football manager, said: “Congratulations to Tina on winning the Nationwide Mutual Respect Award for February. Thank you for everything you do in your community and for the help that you give to people in your area.”

Breaking down barriers

Tina, 57, said: “We are very proud of the work of Victory Hants. Our players have a previous history of homelessness, mental health issues, learning and physical disabilities, long-term unemployment or social isolation.

“The purpose of the group is to break down barriers within the community with the help of football.

“We have over 150 members who we have kept occupied and engaged during the pandemic. Our online media support service, including games, quizzes, and inclusive exercise classes, have helped maintain our members’ and families’ fitness during the lockdowns.”

Tina receives a trophy and wins tickets to an upcoming England game. The nominator for Tina’s award will receive a signed England shirt.

Nominations are now open on our Mutual Respect Award page. Anyone over 18 can nominate their ‘grassroots respect hero’. Competition terms and conditions

We aim to engage with one million parents and coaches in the FA Respect Campaign.

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