Published on: 6 August 2020

Ibi is a lifelong Nationwide member

She joined as a child and as she’s grown, we've been able to meet her changing plans and priorities. Today, Ibi has a FlexOne current account and all her savings with us.

She loves our Banking app

From checking savings goals and account balances to shifting money between accounts, Ibi uses the app all the time. 'It makes it so easy to transfer money or see how much money I've got in my accounts.'

The Savings Goal feature is helping Ibi get to Japan

With her love of Japanese food, and anime, Japan fascinates Ibi. So it won't come as a surprise that she wants to visit the country. The Banking app helps Ibi save the money she needs. 'The Savings Goal feature tells me how much I need to save each day, week or month for my holiday.'

The app has saved Ibi a lot of stress

Like many of us, she’s no stranger to misplacing her debit card now and again. Being able to freeze it with the app has been a bit of a life saver. 'It's usually in a coat pocket! So I just unfreeze it when I find it.'

There’s ease and convenience too

The app means she can put her ideas into action the moment she has them. ‘I was sat in my bedroom and thought I need to start saving some serious money to buy a house’; Ibi opened her Help to Buy ISA right there and then.

Ibi still pops into her local branch

Whilst she's found our Banking app useful, sometimes Ibi likes to deal with things in person, 'I do like going to the branch and talking to the people there. They're really friendly.'

She loves that Nationwide’s not a bank

Ibi likes that Nationwide exists for and answers to members. ‘I like the fact Nationwide is a building society. It makes me feel comfortable knowing my opinions are important.’

Ibi feels the difference in how we help members and the community together. ‘Using Nationwide is very personal. It doesn’t feel like a bank. It feels more like a family.’

And as for the future? ‘I’ll always stay with Nationwide because I see no reason to leave. Nothing has convinced me otherwise’ says Ibi.

If you like the idea of being part of the Nationwide family and not a bank, find out more about the benefits of membership.

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