Published on: 6 August 2020

Andy and Christine saved for retirement throughout their working lives

Andy and Christine were never shy of hard work. After spending nine years in the army, Andy became a police officer. Christine worked at a hospital for 32 years. She remembers how they ‘both had stressful jobs and put in long hours’.

They both retired in 2012

After leaving the police in 2006, Andy had a part-time job. But he left this when Christine took early retirement in 2012. ‘When we retired you felt the weight coming off our shoulders. For all the years we’d put in, we could reap the benefits’ remembers Christine.

They wanted to fill their lives with things they couldn’t do before. Or as Andy puts it, ‘fit as much as you can into life while you still can.’

It was time to do the things they wanted to

They’d both loved spending time on their narrow boat and travelling abroad. However, limited holiday time meant trips abroad took second place to the boat.

Now retired, they could enjoy the best of both worlds. That meant travelling abroad, catching up with Andy’s old army friends AND spending time on their boat.

The Lifetime mortgage helped speed up their plans

Andy and Christine had saved for retirement but they felt they could benefit from a little extra support. His bank, who he’d been with for 24 years, weren't able to help. Thankfully, Christine was a Nationwide member, so they spoke with us.

We were able to help them with a Lifetime mortgage. ‘Nationwide were amazing, friendly, professional and quick. They gave us things that other providers wouldn’t’ says Christine. ‘Nationwide are like a family. They’re very approachable and every question we asked was answered fully’ adds Andy.

The mortgage helped bring their plans forward and, crucially, do more than they first intended.

When they’re not on a canal, they’re whizzing around Europe

The mortgage meant Andy and Christine could buy and refit a new apartment. The equity they released enabled them to get a new trike.

This meant they could stay in touch with Andy’s old army friends and see more of the world. ‘Christine wanted something a bit steadier than a normal motorbike. It’s amazing — we’re off to Amsterdam and Belgium in the next six months.’

The Nationwide Lifetime mortgage has helped Andy and Christine to live retirement their way. Or as Andy puts it so perfectly, ‘Life is good. Life is very, very good.’

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