Nationwide investments and financial advice service will move to Aegon by early 2024. Aegon already provides investments through Nationwide, so when the move happens, they will also look after the Ongoing Advice Service. For customers already investing with us, we will contact you about what happens next.

Why get investment advice?

We know that investing can seem complicated, especially if you don't have much experience. Maybe you’ve recently inherited some money, sold a property or you're looking for new ways to grow your nest egg. That’s where our financial advisers can help.

Their advice will help you form a long term financial strategy, because it’s important to invest for at least 6 years. That said, you can take out your money at any time, without penalty or withdrawal fee.

What you need to start investing

To get advice, you'll need to be able to invest at least:

  • £400 a month
  • or a lump sum of £20,000
  • or a lower lump sum investment followed by a series of monthly payments

To invest through Nationwide you’ll need to be:

  • 18 years of age or over
  • a UK resident
  • a member by having either a Nationwide savings account, current account, or mortgage. Find out more about membership

It’s your money. You’re in control

  • Investments at Nationwide are provided by Aegon, our trusted investment provider bringing you a range of carefully selected funds, expertly balancing expected returns and risks.

  • Once invested, it's easy to track the performance of your investments online.

  • You can choose to top-up or make withdrawals at any time, without penalty or withdrawal fees.

Already investing through Nationwide? Log in to the Aegon Customer Dashboard

Honest investment advice you can trust

Nationwide employs over 200 financial advisers across the UK. They're experts in helping our members make the most from their money.

We're not a bank. We're a mutual building society. That means we're owned by our members. We help each other buy homes and save for our futures by bringing our borrowers and savers together. We help each other with our other financial needs too, all for our mutual benefit.

Join us for a friendly chat by video or phone

You can make an appointment with a financial adviser online or by phone.

During your meeting, they'll discuss your financial needs and explain the investment process. Having got to know you better, their next step will be to prepare your personal recommendation report and outline the potential returns and risks.

Your adviser will get in touch with you again to take you through their recommendations and answer any questions you may have. If you then decide to invest, they'll talk you through the process to get you started.

No investment. No charge

Our financial advisers don’t receive commissions. Their only incentive is to choose investments that work for you.

Any fees and charges will depend on how much you choose to invest, and which investment plans best suit your needs. If you don’t invest, you won’t pay a penny.

We’ll talk you through the costs before you decide to go ahead. Nothing is hidden.



Investing is a long-term strategy and you should be comfortable with investing for at least 6 years. If you decide to invest, remember that the value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested.

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