Request investment advice

Your Nationwide Financial Adviser is here to support you and their advice is a benefit of your Ongoing Advice service.

Contact them to make an appointment and chat through your needs.

Contact your Financial Adviser

You can find their details:

  • on the cover letter or back page of your Annual Customer Report
  • on the paperwork your Financial Adviser gave you
  • by visiting us in branch

Change your contact details

Nationwide provides your Ongoing Advice service and Aegon are our trusted investment provider.

It’s essential that both Nationwide and Aegon have the right information for you.

Opt out of Ongoing Advice

You can opt out of Ongoing Advice at any time. To do this, you can:

Opt back in to Ongoing Advice

You can opt back in at any time. You just need to visit your local Nationwide Financial Adviser.


A Pay As You Go charge will apply if you need advice in the future on your investments.

Make a complaint

We appreciate your feedback. To make a complaint, you can:


All complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days.

Review your charges

Ongoing Advice is a percentage charge taken on the first business day of each month. It is calculated based on the value of your investment.

Your charge is shown in your Tariff of Charges document, which was provided by your Nationwide Financial Adviser when you invested.

To find a copy of this document, check our investments terms and conditions.