Find out what this change means for you

Nationwide will have sent you a letter to inform you of the changes. Your letter includes a reference code with the first 3 letters starting with ‘NBS’. This code confirms what type of advice service you are receiving.

If you do not have your letter, please call us on 0800 464 3079

The information on this page is the same as the letter information, but includes direct links to the Aegon Customer Dashboard, our terms and conditions and the investment advice Customer Agreement. You might want to check these to help with any queries, or you can call us.

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Why has Nationwide made the decision to stop offering financial advice?

We took this decision following a review. This change will allow us to focus more on other areas, such as Banking, Savings and Mortgages. And if you're a member who has another product with us, we hope this will benefit you.

Who are Aegon and why have Nationwide chosen them?

Aegon have been supporting people with their pensions since 1831. They help around 4 million customers in the UK with their investment and retirement plans.

We’ve worked together with Aegon since 2016 to offer investment solutions to our members. With Aegon’s choice of products and investment options, we’re confident they can provide you with the flexibility you need as you move through life.

Contact us if you have questions or need support

If you have further questions or need support for your own situation, please call us or get in touch with your Financial Planning Manager.

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