In the Banking app

To view, change or cancel regular payments in the Banking app:

  1. Log into the Banking app.
  2. Select Payments and Transfers.
  3. Choose View or cancel payments to see your future dated payments, standing orders and Direct Debits.
  4. Select on the payment to view the payment details, or to cancel the payment.

In the Internet Bank

To view, change or cancel regular payments in the Internet Bank:

  1. Log into the Internet Bank.
  2. Select Move money.
  3. Under Manage payees, choose the account the payments are taken from, then click Go.
  4. On this page you can view single payments, standing orders (labelled ‘regular payments’) and Direct Debits.
  5. For more information about a payment, select the plus symbol (+) next to the payee name.
  6. To change a payment, select the dropdown box labelled Make a selection and choose the change you’d like to make.

Can't see a regular payment?

If it's a recurring card payment, you won't be able to see it with your other payments.