Why we restrict payments to Binance

Our number one priority is, and always will be, keeping you and your money safe.

This is why we have taken the decision to restrict card payments made to the cryptocurrency firm Binance. This follows similar action from other providers, media coverage and regulatory uncertainty.

Restrictions on payments

Payments to this company using your Nationwide cards will be declined. You will not be charged and no money will leave your account.

Payments to Binance will remain restricted until further notice as we continue to review and monitor the situation.


You can still withdraw any money you already have with Binance into your Nationwide account.

Direct requests for payments

Even with your direct consent in person or by telephone, we can’t remove the restriction and allow you to make a payment to Binance.

Payments to other cryptocurrency providers

There are no current restrictions to other providers. However, we continue to review and prioritise keeping members’ money safe.