Where to start

Manage your money

We want to help you ease the squeeze and feel in control of your finances. Here's some tips that could help you free up some much-needed money.

Upcoming events

Money Matters with Nationwide

From helping you better understand your relationship with money to practical tips to help you manage your money better, our Money Matters online event is here to help you.

Help us understand your situation

If you have a mortgage, credit card, loan or arranged overdraft with us and have missed a payment, gone over your limit or think you may do, please answer a few simple questions to help us help you.

We may guide you to speak to us or an independent advisor or start by creating a budget.

Make your money go further

Save on your energy bills

Switchd offer

To help reduce the pressure of your energy bills, Nationwide members can get a free 6-month subscription to energy switching service, Switchd.

Help with existing debt

Manage your borrowed money

How to manage your borrowing effectively if you have a loan, credit card, mortgage or overdraft with us.

Struggling with mortgage payments

If you have a mortgage with us, find out what support may be available to you, depending on your circumstances.

Persistent debt on your credit card

This is when you pay more in interest, fees and charges on your credit card than repaying the amount you have borrowed for some time.

Independent advice on your finances

If you have debt with Nationwide, it's best to speak to us. But if you have debt with multiple parties or want independent advice we recommend you speak to a debt advisor. They'll be able to discuss your entire situation and provide individual support to help you.

Debt advice from PayPlan

We work closely with PayPlan, a free independent debt advice provider. They can offer support if you're concerned about keeping up with debt repayments.

StepChange debt charity

We work closely with StepChange who can give you free independent practical advice if you need help with your finances.

Your finances and mental well-being

If you feel like your money worries are impacting your mental health, your mental health is making it hard to manage your money or you feel overwhelmed, help is available.

If you’re going through a challenging time

Have you been affected by or need support with any of the following situations:

  • illness and unexpected change?
  • bereavement?
  • financial abuse?
  • third party access to help manage finances?

We may be able to offer you specialist help depending on your circumstances. Visit our challenging times help hub to find out more about what we can support you with.