Managing your money with online banking

Managing your money online is the easiest way to do your banking, wherever you are, 24 hours a day.

From our Internet Bank and Banking app, you can quickly:

  • make payments and transfers, including paying bills and other people

  • pay off your credit card

  • set up or cancel standing orders

  • cancel Direct Debits

  • move money between your accounts

  • check your statements.

Peace of mind when banking online

We know moving to online banking can raise concerns around security. But nothing is more important to us than keeping our members’ money safe. We’ll monitor and protect your account with the latest technology 24/7.

If you're new to online banking

Try our demos to find out what you can do and learn how to use it:

Paying in cheques and cash


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to pay cheques in to us online.


You’ll need to visit us in branch to pay in cash. Any amount can be paid in at the counter.

Getting cash out

If you need to withdraw cash, you can do this without coming in to branch by:

You’ll need your debit or credit card and PIN. Please note, there will be fees for withdrawing cash using your credit card.

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, find out how to request a new PIN.

If you’ve lost or damaged your card, find out how to request a new card.

Cash machines


If you need to withdraw more than £500 in one day you’ll need to visit a branch with your ID. Please call your branch in advance. They may need to order in the cash ready for your withdrawal.

Getting help with banking from someone you trust

If you normally use our branches to manage your finances and don't feel confident using online banking, we can arrange it so that someone you trust can help you manage your money.

Updating your details

You can update your contact details in the Internet Bank or Banking app.

Ways to get in touch

Chat to us

  1. Log in to our Internet Bank (opens in a new window)
  2. Select Need help? Send us a message from the left-hand menu
  3. Select Chat with us