Planning for big life events

Exchanging wedding rings

Getting married

Getting married or starting a civil partnership means combining everything, including your finances. Find out how to plan for your big day and beyond.

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couple looking at cars

Buying a car

There's a lot to think about when you're buying a car - whether it's new or used, or bought from a dealer or privately.

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woman wearing glass walking down the street

Starting work

Starting your first job? Understand income tax, National Insurance, repaying your student loan and more.

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The impact of the decisions you take along the way can make a difference between a comfortable retirement and worrying about the heating bill over winter.

Moving home

Before you put your home on the market or start looking for somewhere to buy, there are a few things you need to consider.

Saving and budgeting for university

Heading for university? Find out about student loans and student bank accounts and get ideas on how to save for your studies.

Career breaks

Career breaks are growing in popularity. Read about saving and budgeting for a career break.

Estate planning

Planning for what will happen after your death can help your loved ones. Learn how to create an estate plan, manage inheritance tax and make a will.

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