24 April 2018

Make the most of your outdoor space

Spring is here, but not everything in your garden might be looking quite as rosy as it could.

The warmer weather makes this perfect time to get creative and make the best of any outside space you have at home, turning a winter wasteland into a summer haven.

This is a particularly good idea if you're looking to sell your house -  (This link will open in a new window)a study by Foxtons says 72% of clients surveyed would pay more for a garden in london improving your chances of making a sale.

We've explored a range of DIY tips and tricks to help you maximise your outdoor space on a budget, while increasing the value of your property.

Swap your chairs for a sleek storage bench

Well-designed outdoor furniture can add significant value to your property, according to  (This link will open in a new window)estate agents and design professionals. A simple L-Shaped bench can be created easily using reclaimed wood, giving you the perfect spot for outdoor lounging.

It's also a great space hack and gives you extra storage, which is always appealing to prospective buyers. Dress it up with funky fabrics, cushions and paints to make it a real statement piece.

Grow a tiered vegetable garden

Even the smallest spaces can provide a great opportunity to grow vegetables and herbs. Whether you have a full garden or a small balcony, all you need is some creative fair and a bit of tender loving care.

For those who are particularly low on space, consider growing your goods in vertical planters. Use an old ladder and hang your plant pots and tubs from each rung, creating a beautiful hanging wall garden with minimal effort.

Cherry tomatoes, carrots, beetroots and courgettes grow best in small spaces. As do herbs such as mint, basil and rosemary. Think low maintenance, high impact, as this will be especially attractive to prospective buyers.

Turn a shed into an outside room

 (This link will open in a new window)The majority of estate agents and landscape designers asked say a decent-sized shed is the most important consideration for prospective buyers. But you may not want to take over your outside space simply for storage. Instead, consider turning your shed into an outdoor room. This could be a studio, kid's room or even an outside bar.

You could go even further and use the outside of the shed as an extension of your garden by growing plants and flowers up the walls and across the roof. This will give a magical, mystical woodland appearance that will really make your garden stand out.

Shine a modern glint on the greenhouse

You can use any glass object to create your own mini greenhouse, taking up less space but with even more 'wow'. You could even go further by turning an old doll's house into a statement piece. Replace the walls with glass, add some plants and watch visitors to your garden enjoy a simple but effective visual treat.

Repurpose old furniture

You can create a beautiful outside space with some old furniture. Old dressers make great planting bases. You can put plants in individual plant pots and use the drawers to hold them, or turn the whole drawer into a flower bed.

The final result is a three-tiered garden that saves space and packs a punch. Even better if it has a mirror to reflect the light and give the illusion of more space. This option not only saves you money, it adds a unique style to your garden that visitors won't forget.

Lighten things up

Adequate outdoor lighting is high on the list of things that add value to your property, and you can make a big impact without splashing a lot of cash. Fairy lights are a cost-effective way of adding sparkle to your garden.

For best results, use a combination of different kinds of lights to highlight depth and texture and to make your outside space appear bigger. You can create a great atmosphere using candles, lanterns and tealights, interspersed with solar-powered ground lights.

Set up a vertical garden

Perhaps your outside space is little more than a narrow passage at the side of your property. There is still an opportunity to impress guests and potential buyers. Make the most of the wall space by hanging plants and flowers in different receptacles across the length of it. Giving colour and life to dark and dingy spaces will increase the value of your property without breaking your budget.

Looking to go even further with your home renovations this summer? Discover more ways you can add value to your home.

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