08 December 2017

Fraud Awareness Films – 4. Clive’s story

Nationwide research* carried out earlier this year has identified that people experiencing loneliness and isolation are four times more likely to fall victim of a scam.

As the fraudsters become more and more sophisticated, it pays to understand the type of situation that could lead to financial loss. By making yourself aware of how criminals operate and what to look out for, you can protect against the risk of fraud.

The video below is the fourth in a series of films that tells the story of the most common types of scams.

So, I get this email congratulating me on winning some big European lottery jackpot and I’m thinking ‘well hang on there, Clive, you’re not falling for that’ because I never even entered this lottery but the email says it’s some EU-funded thingy and all European citizens are automatically entered all I have to do to get my winnings (and by winnings I mean the jackpot) all I have to do to release the money is send a one-off admin fee to this account number in the email and I’ll get the money quick sharp, mind you that was about two months ago and I’ve emailed them about ten times chasing the money and every time the email bounces back and it’s slowly dawning on me that I’ve been scammed and I’m thinking to myself ‘Clive, how could you be so blind?’

If you’d like to find out how to protect yourself, or someone close to you, from frauds and scams, download the Little Book of Big Scams for free or visit our Fraud awareness pages at nationwide.co.uk

To find out more about all the different ways fraudsters could target you, download The Little Book of Big Scams.

It also pays to Take Five to Stop Fraud. This campaign encourages us all to stop, think and take five minutes, before divulging any personal information, whether it's on the phone, online or face to face.

Our Fraud Awareness Film series

Phishing fraud video

Vishing is a common type of scam and occurs over the phone. Watch Alison’s story so you can spot the signs.

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Online dating fraud video

Online Dating scams can be heart-breaking for the victims. Watch Walter’s story, so you can spot the signs.

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Email fraud video

Criminals can hack the email accounts of reputable traders and ask you for money. Watch Clare’s story, to find out more.

Clare's story - watch the video

*The poll of 2,000 UK adults was carried out by Opinium, between 27-31 January 2017.

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