16 January 2018

Nationwide House Price Premier League final standings

As the race for this season's Premier League hots up, the annual Nationwide ‘House Price Premier League’ shows that it’s Manchester United who tied with Burnley to top the table in 2017.

Other highlights include:

  • Man Utd and Burnley jointly took the honours with 8.6% growth
  • Last year’s winner, West Ham, dropped to 10th in table as annual price growth fell from 21% to 4.1%
  • Premier League champions, Chelsea, come last in the House Price Premier League
Nationwide Housing Premier League Infographic
Nationwide Housing Premier League Infographic
Nationwide Housing Premier League Infographic

The League, now in its fifth year, is based on the annual percentage change in house prices for the local authority containing each team’s stadium* and shows that Manchester United and Lancashire neighbours Burnley shared the spoils.

For Burnley, their 2017 standing marks a notable turnaround in fortunes because, after coming last (20th) in the 2016 ‘House Price Premier League’, they have risen 19 places to finish as joint winners this time.

In the previous League table, Burnley saw negative house price growth (-6 per cent) in the year to May 2016 with an average house price of £71,407. However, on the 2017 table, this has changed to a positive 8.6% annual growth, with an average house price of £77,525, the cheapest in the league.

Andrew Harvey, Senior Economic Analyst at Nationwide commented:

"The top of the latest ‘House Price Premier League’ is dominated by teams in the Greater Manchester area, with Man Utd and Burnley sharing the title and Man City a close third.

Meanwhile it’s been a bad season for the London clubs, which slipped down the table in terms of house price growth. That said, were we to base the league on average prices, the London teams would take the top five positions and Burnley would be last!"

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*Annual percentage change date period is May 2016 to May 2017. Local authority data sourced from UK House Price Index data published by ONS / Land Registry. Further details available from landregistry.data.gov.uk/app/ukhpi. Average house prices quoted are as at May 2017 and are not directly comparable to the figures presented in the Nationwide house price index.

Image credit: Photographer Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA and Getty Images

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