20 October 2017

Fraud Awareness Films – 1. Alison’s story

Nationwide research* tells us that those suffering feelings of loneliness are four times more likely to be a victim of fraud.

As the fraudsters become more and more sophisticated, it pays to understand the type of situation that could lead to financial loss. By making yourself aware of how criminals operate and what to look out for, you can protect against the risk of fraud.

The video below is the first in a series of films that tells the story of the most common types of scams.

Alison's story

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I never really thought of myself as being particularly lonely. I meet up with Mary at the bingo every Wednesday.

The kids phone me, now and again.

It hasn’t been the same since my husband passed, but I get by.

One day, I get this phone call out of the blue. He sounded very nice on the phone, asking me how I was; he had a very posh voice, I remember. 

He tells me he’s from my bank and that he’s worried that my accounts are at risk from fraudsters who actually work in the bank.  

I had to answer some questions so he could, you know, make sure it was me and then he gives me the details of what he called a ‘safe account’ where I could move my money, you know, to protect it from these fraudsters.

What he didn’t tell me was that he was the fraudster.

I lost everything.

If you’d like to find out how to protect yourself, or someone close to you, from frauds and scams, download the Little Book of Big Scams for free or visit our Fraud awareness pages at nationwide.co.uk.

To find out more about all the different ways fraudsters could target you, download The Little Book of Big Scams.

It also pays to Take Five to Stop Fraud, which encourages us all to stop, think before divulging any personal information. A genuine bank or organisation will never contact you asking for your PIN, full banking password or to move money to a safe account. Remember 'My money? My Info? I Don’t Think So'.

Our Fraud Awareness Film Series

Investment fraud video

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*The poll of 2,000 UK adults was carried out by Opinium, between 27-31 January 2017.

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