08 November 2017

We know it's important to be here for you

Nationwide was born out of a sense of community. We were founded back in 1884 by local people coming together to help each other buy homes of their own.

Today, in the digital era, it's no different. Even while we're making sure we're available to everyone online, we’re still investing in our branches and making sure we’re here for you - in person - when you need us.

We're improving the branches we already have and opening new ones in some towns too.

Some of our newly transformed branches…

State of the art – with a human touch

Since 2015, we've been making changes that keep branches relevant to the way people bank now.

All our branches have WiFi, and many have iPads for online banking and innovations like Nationwide Now. Smart tech makes banking faster and easier, but our local branches are also about making sure we can talk face-to-face.

“It is our belief as a building society that while technology provides convenience, it is our people who offer service,” explains Director of Retail, Mandy Beech. “That's why, as a mutual, we passionately believe in the future of branches, and more importantly the people within them.

“We are investing £350 million across our branch network over the next few years because it is in our branches that our people help, support and advise the millions of members who choose to visit us every day."

At Nationwide, we want our branches to be welcoming places where you can come for personal help and advice to achieve your goals, in a trusted community environment.

How are we improving our branches?

Every open-plan branch now has four areas each devoted to giving you what you need:

– If you're in a rush, this part of the branch is for a prompt chat with one of the local Nationwide team or just for using a cash machine swiftly and easily.

Conversation – If you need a little guidance or just fancy a coffee and a chat, this part of the branch allows you to talk to us about anything from digital banking to weekend plans.

– Want to talk to us about a mortgage or other more complicated stuff? We have open-plan meeting rooms or private pods – whichever suits you – for a proper chat with the right person.

– Each branch will have a dedicated space for your community. In our larger branches, you’ll be able to sit down, have a coffee and read a book. Plus, you can read about Nationwide’s history and how we’re involved in your local area.

What does this look like in practice?

The video below takes you on a tour of our new concept:

Branch Transformation Virtual Tour

Play video - Branch transformation virtual tour branch transformation virtual tour

We're here to stay

We've been here for over 130 years. With your help we plan to stay part of your community, building society for many years to come.

To find a Nationwide branch near you, visit the Branch Finder.

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