11 September 2017

How to make the most of Freshers' Week

A whole new independent world is opening up to you. And it begins with Freshers' Week, introducing you to everything that student life has to offer. Here's how to take full advantage of it.

Plan your week

Freshers' Week is designed to keep you very busy, partly so there's no time for feeling homesick!

Activities run all day and often overlap, so you won't be able to do all of them. To make the most of it, the first document you should study at uni is the Freshers' Week schedule. Make a list of events you want to attend, note the timings and locations and plan how you'll get to them all.

Make time for making friends

You're in a new place and likely won't know anyone, so it's a great idea to push yourself out of your comfort zone and make new friends. Luckily you'll already have something in common with most of the students attending Freshers' Week: they won't know anyone either.

Break the ice by asking your hall or flat neighbours which events they're going to – chances are some of these will be on your list and you can go together. You might not become friends for life, but you will help each other through those tricky first few days. You never know, you could still be in touch when you're collecting your pension.

Have fun at the fayre

The Freshers' Fayre is a must-do. This is where all the clubs, societies and sports teams try to encourage you to join them. It's a way to see everything on offer all in one place. From tiddlywinks to tennis, hummus appreciation to onesie wearing, the groups being showcased will amaze, amuse or at least interest you.

Get acquainted with your courses

There will probably be an induction to your courses during Freshers' Week too. Set the alarm for these. You're at uni because you want to be there and the main goal is to leave with good qualifications. 

Tutors expect full attendance from the beginning and you don't want to start off by having to catch up. The induction sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions, find out when your first assignment is due, meet your course mates and, most importantly, make some more friends.

Watch your budget

With so many things to do, be careful to budget to avoid frittering away your first month's spending money at Freshers' Week. The student bar, student club nights and gigs will be cheap, but not much will be free. Many of the societies plying for your membership have costs attached too.

You might want to set aside a set amount for Freshers' Week to cover all of these extras. Just remember to include that in your budget and cut back on other weeks, so that you don't spend more than you can afford over the first semester.

A totally fee-free student account with an optional overdraft like FlexStudent, could be a good safety net in case you do spend more than you planned. FlexStudent has a range of features to help you stay on top of your money, not just in your first term, but throughout your course and after you graduate. (Account opening criteria apply).

Throw yourself into Freshers' Week and have a ball!

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