09 May 2017

Celebrating your child’s birthday

Want to celebrate your child’s birthday with a party to remember but concerned that it’ll dent your bank balance? Last year, we asked you to share your best advice and tips about saving money when hosting children’s birthday parties, and after receiving over 500 entries, have selected a few we couldn’t help but share - from a makeshift den to papier-mâché piñatas! Why not take a look!

“You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun” (Kerry)

Savings to Celebrate!

DIY Decoration

Tired of spending money on over-priced party decorations? For an easy solution, make your own! You don’t have to be an artistic whizz to create decorations to remember, simply re-purpose things you’ve already got lying about. For a brilliant birthday banner, read Laura’s fun tip:

“…we (make a) handmade one and colour it in and add our own pictures and photos” (Laura)

Creative Crafting

Getting stuck into a craft project can be a great way to pass the time and get their imagination flowing. Don’t panic - you needn’t splash the cash in order to get creative; give items you already have in your home a new lease of life with the following handy tip:

“Use empty boxes, bottles and cartons around on a few tables with some crafting tools and paints, and give the children a themed creation challenge of making something like a rocket, robot, animal or vehicle…” (Dawn)

Party invites

Invitations are a crucial part of every birthday party, however, buying them from shops often leaves you out of pocket. For unique, cost-efficient invites, have a go at making your own. Short of time? Take a look at this speedy solution:

“I designed my own invitations using word processor and sent it out by email.” (Zara)

Dare to share

In need of an easy way to minimise the costs of your child’s birthday party? If your child’s got a friend with a birthday at a similar time in the year, opt for a joint birthday bash. Sharing organisation will also save time and stress! What’s not to like?

“I'd say the best way to keep everything cheaper is having a joint party with a friend from school (as) costs and friends are shared” (Karen)

Explore the outdoors

Torn between your child wanting an adventurous party and your worries about youngsters running rogue around the house? Host it outside! Public parks and fields are a great, spacious venue for a party. The best part? They don’t cost a thing.

“If it is a summer birthday, a homemade picnic in the park goes down well, with games to suit age, and very little washing or tidying up afterwards”

Fun and Games

Party games can make or break a party, however creating games to remember doesn’t mean having to splash the cash. Homemade party games are just as fun, and super easy! Bringing back some classics are guaranteed to keep your guests entertained - but don’t be surprised if parents want to join in too!

“We make our own papier-mâché piñata and fill with homemade streamers, bouncy balls and sweeties - when they crack it open we shared out the 'winnings' for the party bags” (Olivia)

Thrifty Themes

Co-ordinating decorations, food and activities with a unique theme is sure to make your party a memorable one. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at Rebecca’s advice on creating a fun packed makeshift dinosaur party:

“ I bought…cheap small plastic dinosaurs, some of them I buried in the sand pit for the children to find, some…in containers of water and froze them (and)…the children had to try and get them out of the ice. Some of them were made into 'bricks' using sand and coffee grounds and the children had to crack them open.” (Rebecca)

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