02 June 2017

What’s life like for the average UK 50-something?

Known as part of the baby boomer generation, today's 50-somethings have a reputation for being financially savvy and secure. Yet in reality, many Britons in their 50's are still renting, have little savings and spend their time worrying about their kids' futures.

So what's life really like for this age group? How has the extended retirement age and elevated housing market impacted their future plans? And just how much free time and money do they have to enjoy this stage of their lives?

Previously in this series, we've looked at the lives and habits of people in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 60's and 70's. Now, we delve deep into what makes those in their 50's tick.

50 something info

The Typical 50-something

Relationship status: Married or in a civil partnership
Salary: £19,165
Car: Ford Fiesta
Hobbies and Interests: TV, days out with the family, restaurant dining
Pets: Cats and dogs

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Research conducted by OnePoll for Nationwide, with a sample of 2000 adults aged 50-59 in April 2017.

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