08 May 2017

Our first community branch open for business

Glastonbury isn’t all about mud, wellies and music; the town itself is a thriving community which more than 9,000 people call home. For members of a busy, vibrant town like Glastonbury, losing in-branch access to vital financial services can be difficult.

So, when we heard bank closures in the Somerset town were affecting the local community, we gave locals the opportunity to have their say on the possibility of opening a Nationwide branch. The response was overwhelming.

So, with the town pledging their support, we decided to open our first community branch. Opening a community branch means we worked with locals to find out exactly what services they needed before we opened. And we’ll continue to talk to them to make sure the branch still meets the needs of the community. Plus, we’ll be holding events that engage, educate and inform not only our members but the whole community.

Our new Glastonbury branch combines the very latest technology – like our pioneering high definition video link, Nationwide Now, coupled with the very best customer service, delivered by a team who are on hand to provide advice and support to members.

A relationship built to last

We’ve worked directly with the Glastonbury community to make sure the new branch suits their needs and Jon Cousins, the Mayor of Glastonbury, is just as excited about the town having a branch again as we are. “The town was deeply frustrated when we lost our financial providers last year so it has been exciting working closely with Nationwide to help them to open a community branch on the high street.

“The fact that Nationwide is a building society also resonates with us as a town; we have a similar ethos and outlook. We’ve worked closely with them on what we think is something unique - a genuine community branch making decisions with us based on our feedback and needs. We’ll continue to develop this relationship and remain committed to making the branch a useful resource for the community.”

Bringing branches back to communities

Graeme Hughes, Distribution Director explains how Nationwide continues to build society, nationwide. “As a building society we were born out of a social purpose and working in partnership to achieve a common goal is in our roots. That is why we started this journey by talking to the people in Glastonbury late last year to see if they would support us if we opened a branch in the town. 

“Glastonbury had just lost all their financial services and we know how important having a range of ways to do business with your financial services provider is. Our commitment to our branch network has never been stronger and we continue to invest £500m over a five-year period. Our Nationwide Now high definition video link is a great example of how we believe technology and the human touch can offer the best customer service. It is this powerful combination that is enabling us to explore bringing branches back to communities in sustainable way.”

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