03 May 2017

How to make your bank account your friend

Ever had the feeling that life would be simpler if you had a friend neatly filing away your bank statements, keeping an eye on your bank balance and giving you a gentle nudge when funds are getting low?

That's what banking with Nationwide can offer, with easy-to-use features like text alerts, the Internet Bank or the Banking app to take some of the hassle out of paying bills and saving money, even when you're on the move.

Get a helpful buzz from Text Alerts

Our free text alert service warns you when your balance is low (you set the limit) so you'll know if you're about to go overdrawn, giving you a chance to pay money in before any charges apply.

Get other timely nudges about the status of your account like a high balance alert, or regular mini-statements showing your balance and the last five transactions.

To sign up, simply log into the Internet Bank and go to 'My alert settings' in the 'Manage my details and settings' tab, and select which text messages you'd like to receive. Or you can sign up in the Banking app in the 'Details & Settings' section. If you don't bank with us online you can pop into a branch or call us on 0800 30 20 11 to register for text alerts.

If you register for any text alert we'll also send you Payment Retry Alerts to warn you if a Direct Debit, standing order or other bill can't be paid because you're low on funds. It helps you avoid charges by giving you time to pay money into your account before the payment retries later in the day.

Go paperless and secure on the Internet Bank

Our Internet banking service lets you access your account 24/7, 365 days a year, for anything from transferring funds between accounts, making payments to online applications for credit cards, personal loans and more. 

To safeguard you online, you'll log on using a unique customer number and a card reader if you have a Visa debit card (or a series of security questions if you don't).

15 months of online transactions are available online and your statements are archived for 36 months, just download them at home when you want them instead of wading through dusty old files — with no more paper cuts!

Going paperless helps to protect you from identity theft, giving fraudsters less ways to find your personal details, and helps the environment too. Just update your preferences on the Internet Bank or on the Banking app.

Stay smart and nimble with the Banking app

Once you're registered for Internet Banking, you're ready to use our Banking app. Customisable and simple to use, it puts your account at your fingertips while you're on the move.

If your device has Android fingerprint log in or Touch ID ™, you can log in just with your fingerprint. Set up the 'Quick Balance' function and you can check your current account, savings or credit card balances without even logging in. 

You can quickly transfer money, pay bills and send payments to any existing payees, and you can set up and keep track of a Savings Goal by reviewing your progress in the app. Plus, the Banking app also allows you to search, filter and compare the last 15 months' of income and spending.

Let your Nationwide current account help you get on top of your finances this year, with a whole range of ways to make your bank account your friend.

Touch ID is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. 

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