13 December 2016

How much does the average Brit spend on Christmas gifts?

It's that time of year again - time for devouring mince pies, booking a visit to Santa's Grotto, hunting for the ideal garish Christmas jumper, and doing lots and lots of shopping to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

Our research tells us that Brits on average buy 14 individual gifts, with their total Christmas spending reaching £645 - on food and drink, party hosting, socialising and other festivities.

But it's no surprise that the main expense is buying gifts for friends, colleagues, and loved ones. We found that people in the UK spend, on average, £117 on Christmas presents for their partner, £145 on presents for their children, and even £20 on their pet (lucky pets!).

We've taken a closer look at these categories to help you find something a bit more interesting for the lucky recipients in your life. See how far your money can take you when you start thinking outside the gift-wrapped box.

Your Granny

Average expense: £31 

Depending on the relationship, grandparent gift-buying can be a bit on the difficult side, and many lean on easy-to-please options like a jigsaw puzzle, cosy sheepskin slippers, or a box of luxury chocolates. And there's nothing wrong with that!

But if you're looking for something new, you could go for… a gin cocktail kit, for the Grandma that loves a tipple at the end of the day.

Grandmother guide

Your best mate

Average expense: £33

Novelty gifts are fun but rarely see the light of day come December 26th. Typical thoughtful gifts could include an album you know they'll love (vinyl is easy to find these days) or that new book by their favourite author.

You could go for... a tree. Yes, a tree. Not the Christmas variety but one they can put in the ground to permanently celebrate your friendship, delivered straight to their door with a personalised note. We're pretty positive your friend won't see that coming.


Your partner

Average expense: £117

Research shows that buyers typically spend somewhere between a few days to a few weeks deciding what to get their partner, and end up spending between £51-200 on present(s) in the end. This year, skip the DVDs and fetching jumper, and plump for a new experience that both of you will enjoy.

You could go for... quad biking. There are a variety of places that offer quad biking sessions around the UK, and many of them have 2 for 1 deals, leaving you with enough in the budget for a nice meal afterwards.


Your dog

Average expense: £21

Let's be honest - your dog is going to love anything you give him or her. This year, skip the new squeaky toy and check out a box with everything your little fluffy companion could dream of.

You could go for… The Christmas Box from Pet's Pyjamas. It comes complete with a variety of treats and toys that will last well past Boxing Day - including a tiny chewy Christmas cracker.

dog guide

Get shopping!

27% of our survey respondents said they start their Christmas shopping three months leading up to the big day, but 48% of us start just one month before. 

Do you still have Christmas shopping to do using a Nationwide credit or debit card?

There are more ways to pay than ever before

 OnePoll surveyed 2,000 UK adults in November 2016

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