06 September 2016

Top tips for hosting the perfect Macmillan Community Coffee Morning

Macmillan Cancer Support’s annual World’s Biggest Coffee Morning will take place on 30 September, giving people the chance to raise money to support those facing cancer while catching up with their nearest and dearest over some tasty treats and hot drinks.

Macmillan Coffee Mornings have been running since 1990 and together people have raised over £165 million. The idea is simple – invite guests round for a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake and in exchange they make a donation to Macmillan.

And you don’t even have to host in your own home. If you’re part of a group that meets regularly, like a book club or 5-aside team, why not turn the village hall or sports centre you use for your weekly meeting into the venue for a Coffee Morning?

This year Nationwide is the official Community Partner for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and after working with Macmillan for over 23 years we certainly know a thing or two about hosting a Coffee Morning. If you’d like to get involved this year, here are our top tips for hosting a Coffee Morning.

Our top tips

  1. Invite everyone you know!
    The more people who come, the more money you’re likely to raise, so invite as many of your friends, family and colleagues as your venue can hold. You could use social media to set up an event but remember to give people plenty of notice so they can pop the date in their diary. It’s also worth dropping them a reminder in the run-up to the date.
  2. Ask for help
    Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you have to do all the baking. Ask your friends and family to bring their own contributions, especially if you know they’re a dab hand with a mixing bowl! It’s worth making a note of what everyone’s bringing so you don’t end up with too many similar items.
  3. Make sure you’ve got enough food and drink
    There’s nothing worse than running out of food and drink when the morning’s still in full swing. Try and cater for more people than you’re expecting as guests might bring someone with them. It’s worth having napkins or food bags to hand so people can take leftovers home.
  4. Make things look nice
    Decorating the space will give the Coffee Morning a festive edge and turn it into a really special occasion. Cake stands, bunting and nice tablecloths will all make the venue look really special and these are all included in your free Coffee Morning kit from Macmillan.
  5. Prep in advance
    Try and get as much done the night before so you can really enjoy chatting to your friends and family at the event itself.
  6. Make it easy for people to donate
    Pop a donations box on the side and make it clear that people are free to give however much or little they want.
  7. Say thank you
    Remember to get in touch with all your guests afterwards to thank them for coming and to tell them how much cash you all raised. Your social media group could make this really easy.

Nationwide and Macmillan Cancer Support

Nationwide and Macmillan have been working together for over 23 years – making us one of the charity’s longest-running partners.

Here are some of the ways we work together:

  • Raising funds – Nationwide employees and members have raised more than £7.1 million, to make sure no one faces cancer alone.

  • Nationwide provides funding for Macmillan financial grants. These grants aim to support people affected by cancer who are experiencing difficulties with mortgage and rental arrears.

  • Nationwide part-funds the Macmillan Financial Guidance Service which supports people affected by cancer in navigating the financial services sector and improving their financial capability. In 2015, it provided advice to 5,733 people affected by cancer, and identified over £1.9 million in financial gains.

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