16 August 2016

The challenges of moving in with your parents

You’re not alone, thousands of 30-somethings are finding it impossible to save for a deposit for their first home at the same time as renting their own place – so they’re back to living with Mum and Dad. And whilst the discounted rent is a huge help, it’s not all plain sailing…

Here are a few things only you and the other members of ‘the boomerang generation’ will understand.

  1. Your parents are actually quite weird. Your Mum’s clown ornament collection is getting out of control and they keep referring to the dog as your 'Brother’. You’re sure they seemed more ‘normal’ when you were a kid…

  2. If you’re not at home at ‘dinner time’ you get hit by the Spanish inquisition. Plus you need to eat all your greens before you can have dessert.

  3. Participation in family activities is non-negotiable. Accompanying Dad on his Wednesday night supermarket trip will become a firm fixture on your social calendar.

  4. There’s no lock on the bathroom door. Expect the unexpected when showering or getting changed – you may find that your attitude to privacy is very different to your parents’.

  5. It’s suddenly a battle to watch your favourite TV shows. Your Dad controls the remote and watching Game of Thrones with him is just too awkward. Countryfile it is!

  6. Your bedroom doubles as a storage area/home gym/crafting room. Get used to sharing with the cross trainer and sewing machine.

  7. You need permission to ask people round. Mum and Dad probably don’t want to watch the big game with your pals. Or maybe it’s worse if they do?

  8. You’re expected to look after the family pet. Do your parents enjoy regular weekends away? It’ll be you having to stick around and feed Mr Pickles.

  9. A family ‘swear jar’ starts hitting you in the pocket. Watch your language at the dinner table, or you could end up donating heavily to a swear jar each night.

  10. It’s harder to hide things from your parents. Whether it’s the fact that you smoke or that tattoo you had done on your gap year, expect all your deepest darkest secrets to be exposed by the time you move back out.

  11. You’re expected home at a certain time. Party animal? You’ll probably be greeted by the words ‘what time do you call this?’ fairly regularly. Prepare for a barrage of questions about what you were doing and who with in the morning.

  12. You’re expected to have a departure date in mind. Staying under your parents’ roof is meant to be a temporary thing. The ‘jokes’ about when you’re going to leave will start almost as soon as your bags are unpacked.

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