24 February 2016

How do you compare to the average 30-something?

Your 30's are a busy decade. According to various research reports, we’re most likely to buy our first home, tie the knot and have a baby between the ages of 30 and 39.

But are all 30-somethings busy saving to get on the property ladder and start a family? Or are some still splashing their cash on the latest gadgets and nights out?

We’ve taken a closer look at the average 30-something’s financial behaviour, lifestyle and likes and dislikes, as well as who they think was the best Britpop band (Oasis rather than Blur).

Money matters

The average 30-year-old earns £24,000 a year, which is mostly spent on rent, bills and groceries, leaving them with £343 a month of disposable income.

When it comes to payday, clothes, eating out and going to the pub all account for a sizeable chunk of 30-something wages, while 1 in 5 like to splash out on the latest tech and 28% spend their spare cash on travelling and holidays overseas.

It seems they are also squirrelling some of their cash away each month, with an average of £4,300 in savings, which they’re hoping to put towards travelling (30%) or a house deposit (27%).

But, despite this, many 30-somethings worry they aren’t putting enough money in their savings, and a fifth worry that they haven’t always made good financial decisions.

Living situations

Two-thirds of 30-somethings live with their other halves, although many will be in rented properties, with 4 in 10 yet to step on the property ladder.

On average it took those who had become property owners more than 3 years to save up the cash for a deposit and the typical 30-something lives in a home worth £240,000.

Just 8% still live with their parents.

Lifestyle choices

How do 30-somethings like to spend their time? Our research shows they are more likely to head for a pint in their local than a big night out, with just 8% spending cash on clubbing. They’re also likely to head out for dinner twice a month.

On a night in, you’ll probably find people in their 30s watching TV – they watch an average on 11 hours a week with Game of Thrones, Friends, The X Factor, EastEnders and The Big Bang Theory all proving popular. Or they may be curled up with a good book – they finish 7 a year on average.

When it comes to music, you’ll find a mix of old classics and newer acts on 30-something playlists with Bon Jovi, Rihanna and The Beatles all being popular.

The typical 30-something

Relationship status: Married or in a relationship
Salary: £24,000
Car: Vauxhall, Corsa or Ford Fiesta
Hobbies and interests: Travel, TV, books and the local pub
Pets: A dog

Research conducted by OnePoll for Nationwide, with a sample of 2000 adults in November 2015.

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