09 February 2016

Simple steps to protect your home from break-ins

Our video provides some ideas on how to protect our homes and families from burglars without breaking the bank.

Keeping our homes and families safe

Play video - Keeping our homes and families safedoor on the latch

We all want to keep our homes and families safe.

With our simple steps, you can protect your property from break-ins without breaking the bank.

Ensure garden gates and access routes are secure.

Make life difficult for burglars. Plant bushes near ground-level windows and install security lighting.

Key-operated locks also make windows more secure.

Fit a visible burglar alarm and remember to switch it on!

Make sure your locks meet British Safety Standards and install a security chain and door viewer.

Light boxes create the illusion that someone is home when you’re out and about.

SmartWater applied to large or valuable objects helps you to trace stolen possessions.

A safe can help to keep small valuables secure.

Don’t advertise your movements on social media. It may leave your home more vulnerable to break-ins.

A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme provides peace of mind. And you might make new friends!

Build a more secure home for you, your family and the things you love.

Try our tips for yourself.

And stay protected with Nationwide.

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