08 October 2015

Make learning fun with Nationwide Education

The school term is well underway now and no doubt your kids will already have come home with a wealth of new skills and knowledge.

But learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Parents play a huge role in educating their kids, especially when it comes to life skills.

Many parents aren’t sure how to go about enhancing their kids’ learning, with a recent survey showing that as many as 57% of mums and dads feel guilty for not being able to find the time to pass on everything they need to know.

That’s where Nationwide Education comes in.

What is Nationwide Education?

Nationwide Education is an independent, free website aimed at helping young people aged 2-18+ develop key life skills. There’s a wealth of engaging content available on topics such as money, numeracy, careers, sustainability and road and home safety, including games, factsheets, workshops and films.

All the activities are designed to be fun as well as useful, so it shouldn’t be a struggle getting the kids to have a go at them.

From online board games which challenge kids to answer questions about employment and the workplace, to interactive programmes which help little ones to recognise coins and virtual tours of workplaces, there’s something to suit every age group and ability.

All of the content links closely to the National Curriculum, so it’s really useful for supporting the work your kids are doing in the classroom.

Since Nationwide Education launched in 2007, it's attracted over 50 million hits and downloads and has won numerous awards, including the Children and Young People Now Awards: Financial Capability Award.

Making the most of the site

If you've used the website before, you may notice that it has been refreshed to make it as easy to use as possible.

All content is divided into 5 themes:

  • Numeracy & Finance skills
  • Sustainability skills
  • Road safety skills
  • Home safety skills
  • Employability skills

Within each theme there are games, books, worksheets, factsheets, quizzes, wordbanks, notes for parents and teachers, and we've added some extra interactive playground games.

Not sure where to start? It's simple - browse all the resources by theme, subject or type. Or search and see what comes up. Popping ‘times tables’ into the search tool brings up Beatbox Tables, a musical way to learn multiplication – much more fun than just memorising them from a book!

Everything's clearly labelled by age group so it's easy to figure out which activities will be suitable for your kids.

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