07 April 2015

Your top money-managing apps revealed

Managing your money used to feel like a chore. Today though, there are plenty of apps that do all the hard work for you. Whether that’s budgeting, keeping track of savings and investments, or just paying bills and transferring money when you need it. We asked you to recommend the apps that have made the biggest difference to you. Here are some of your favourites:

Nationwide Mobile Banking app

We’re proud to say that our own Nationwide Mobile Banking App featured highly on your list of suggestions. "I can check my current account, direct debits, credit card and mortgage all in one place," said Eleanor. "I don't have to log in to see my balance and can move money in and out of savings whenever I have cash left over." Joseph felt the same: "It’s secure, superbly designed, easy-to-use. The best financial app there is." And Gary perhaps summed things up best: "It’s like having Nationwide with me wherever I go."

Nationwide Simply Rewards

Our mobile banking app wasn’t the only Nationwide mobile service near the top of your list. Simply Rewards scored highly when it came to getting more value from the money you spend on registered Nationwide Visa Debit and Visa Credit cards, with access to money saving offers to use with shops, restaurants and big-name brands. "Searching by theme or location makes everything clear and easy," said Rhys. "You can redeem offers in store, and on your mobile. No more vouchers to print!" Toby was similarly impressed: "Loads of discounts that always help me save."


"This is very straightforward, multi-bank personal accounting software," explained Paul of the popular MoneyWiz, which scores highly for giving you a view of all of your different bank accounts and credit card balances. "It works excellently across devices too, as everything is backed up to the Cloud, which means you always have the latest data to work from." Sophie agreed: "All your income and outgoings are compiled and easy to see, so you can watch exactly what you spend in different areas each month. Puts me in total financial control."

Spending Tracker

“I love this all-in-one free app,” said Mic. “It has a simple user interface, flexible time periods, budget mode and summary view. It logs expense and income, puts items into categories and generates reports, so you’re really able to stick to a budget and save money.” Leanne praised Spending Tracker’s responsiveness: “I can quickly compare what I spend on food or petrol from one month to another. I can also tally up exactly family expenses and see what interest we’ve earned.”

Red Laser

“I often use Red Laser to buy items at the best price,” said Hubert of this favourite barcode scanner and price comparison app. “On a recent visit to Glasgow I was in a large department store when I noticed the perfume my wife uses for sale. Using Red Laser I found it £5 cheaper elsewhere. I showed the assistant and she matched the price.”

Free Home Budget Calculator

“A very simple app which lists regular monthly outgoings and income and shows you how much you should (in theory) have to spare,” is how Mihalis described the Free Home Budget Calculator. As the name suggests, this won’t cost you a thing to download, and it’s designed to cut household expenses. “It's a useful way of budgeting for all the extra things you need or want and, brilliantly, it doesn't involve constantly updating a log of spending.”

Home Budget

Playing a similar role to the Free Home Budget Calculator, Home Budget is a “cheap to buy, really user friendly and useful” financial management tool according to George. Russell agreed it was a budgeting must-have: “An easy-to-use, colour-filled screen lets you set icons for different things like salary, bills, income, and total outgoings. The visuals show exactly how much money you’ll have at the end of the month, what you’re saving and the cash needed for bills and expenses.”


Investors loved this financial news app, which “shows the daily up-to-date prices, news and historical information on the rise and fall of markets,” as Timothy described it. “You can choose which shares to monitor giving you accurate prices for when you’re out and about.” Its accuracy when on the move was what made Bloomberg stand out for Elaine: “it keeps me current on commodity, exchange and interest rates as well as changes in the asset and cash markets.”

Financial Times

Hot on the heels of Bloomberg as a serious financial tool came this free FT app, with several of you pointing to the quality of its business and economic news. “Not only does it give share prices and professional tips but also a wide range of financial information including current topics, taxation, personal financial planning and world economic affairs,” said Ann.

Expense Manager

According to Stacey, Expense Manager “tracks expenses and income by week, month and year, as well as by category. I import and export account activities, get payment alerts, take pictures of my receipts and more. This helps as, having a family, I like to budget.” Annette finds the gearing toward UK currency a great point of difference: “Some apps are too confusing and frustrating to use. Most are USA-based and unsuitable. This one is straightforward and best.”

Money Dashboard

Stuart was one of many of you that picked out Money Dashboard as their go-to app for financial management, and few could have described it better. “The best way of tracking and trending my income and outgoings so I can see exactly where my money goes in terms of utilities, TV and entertainment subscriptions, groceries,” he said. “It's astonishing to actually see how you really spend your money.”

You can download any of the apps featured in this article either from the App Store for an iPhone or on Google PlayTM Store for an AndroidTM devices.

Registering for the Nationwide Mobile Banking app couldn’t be easier and takes less than 5 minutes. To use the app you'll need to be an existing Internet Bank user. To register for Internet Banking, you’ll just need your name, date of birth, postcode, and your Nationwide card or account number.

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