08 December 2014

Top tips to reduce your energy bills over Christmas

What with cooking the turkey, putting lights on the tree and turning the fire on to keep all the family warm and toasty, energy usage over the festive period can rocket.

YouGov research shows that the average household spend on Christmas was around £820 last year, with around £599 shelled out on gifts, £180 on food and drink and £43 on cards, trees and decorations.

Saving energy around your home can make a considerable difference to your overall festive spend. Here are some tips to help you have a wonderful Christmas without breaking the bank with some help from the Energy Saving Trust.

Ways to save energy in the kitchen

  • Is it your turn to cook the Christmas dinner? Reduce your energy consumption by keeping the lid on pans and using the right-sized hob. When boiling vegetables, use just enough water to keep them covered.
  • If possible batch bake things like mince pies and tree biscuits to reduce the number of times you use your oven over the festive period.

Ways to save electricity

  • You could use LED Christmas lights instead of traditional fairy lights as they cost nearly six times less to run. Always turn lights off before you go to bed, or use a timer switch so they go off automatically.
  • An outdoor light display can cost you up to £100 in electricity over Christmas, so try not to go too mad on garden decorations this year if you’re trying to cut down on your electricity bill.
  • Don’t leave Christmas tech presents charging if they don’t need to be. Leaving electrical items like laptops on charge after the battery is full costs households around £60 a year – and can damage the battery if you over-charge them.

Ways to save on heating

  • Fitting a draught-proofing-screen in front of the fireplace can save around £20 in heating bills over the year...just don’t forget to remove it on Christmas-eve!
  • You can also fit draught-proofing strips around doors and windows to prevent air from getting in where it shouldn’t. This can save around £10-50 a year.
  • Extra people in the house over Christmas means you can probably turn your thermostat down a degree or two – this could save you an additional £55 a year.

Ways to save on cards and decorations

  • Use a living Christmas tree rather than an artificial one – real trees are carbon neutral so are better for the environment. When the time comes to take down your decorations, move the tree outside to grow and use it again next year.
  • Recycle wrapping paper – Reusing paper, gift bags and ribbon for next year saves you money. Try to avoid buying foil wrapping as this can’t be recycled.
  • Get in touch with your creative side by making your own cards and decorations instead of splashing out on expensive ones, or send out virtual cards to save money on postage.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Saving energy over Christmas

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