24 August 2020

We're building mutual respect, nationwide

Together, we want to create a society that is built on mutual respect. We were founded on a social purpose, and our commitment to supporting our members and the society we live in hasn’t changed.

Mutual Respect is a core value for us, and we care deeply about respecting the needs of our 15 million members and our colleagues. In a Nationwide survey we found that a shocking 71% of the UK agreed that levels of respect in society have declined in the last few years.

Online and face-to-face hate crimes are on the rise and we’re not immune to it. How we treat each other, the way we speak to each other and how we act towards one another is now more important than ever. Which is why we’re partnering with other organisations in an aim to build a more respectful society, nationwide.

Partnering with the FA

We’ve partnered with The Football Association to support their Respect campaign – a grassroots football initiative which looks to encourage mutual respect on and off the pitch.

Football Association respect campaign

The FA’s Respect campaign aims to advise parents and coaches on their roles in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment for everyone. Respect codes of conduct are in place to ensure that everyone involved within an FA Charter Standard club or league is playing their part to give the players a positive experience. We’ve pledged to make one million parents and coaches aware of this campaign and the need for mutual respect.

To help tackle the issue of abuse in society, 80% of people believe those in the public eye are responsible for setting a good example, in terms of being more respectful. Almost two-thirds (63%) of people believe footballers should set an example by showing respect. That’s why we sent England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford and Three Lions legend John Barnes to surprise a grassroots club who thought they were there for an FA Respect training session.

To find out more about this partnership and to get involved please visit the Football Association website.

Jordan Pickford and John Barnes

Diana Award Partnership

The Diana Award trains school children to be anti-bullying ambassadors to encourage peer to peer support, guidance and improve levels of self and mutual respect. Our three-year partnership will result in there being an extra 10,000 anti-bullying ambassadors in over 660 primary schools up and down the UK.

Diana Award anti-bullying logo

A recent survey commissioned by Nationwide in partnership with The Diana Award of 1,000 children ages 6-16 found that over three quarters of children (77%) believe bullying in school creates a negative impact on creating a society they want to be part of when they're older.

With the usual back to school period looming and feeling more different than ever before post lockdown and home-schooling; students, parents and teachers prepare for a very different start to the academic year. Research has shown that a third (34%) of children are more worried about returning to school than before lockdown, so we're committed to supporting students on their return.

On 28 September 2020, we’re also holding the ‘The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly’. It's a celebrity-packed virtual event, which will be beamed into primary school classrooms and homes across the UK, bringing together hundreds of thousands of children and empowering them to tackle bullying.

For more information and to get involved visit the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme website.

Young boy speaking at Diana Award event

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