17 June 2020

Our Home Support Hub

In May 2020 we told all our members about our Home Support Package and what we’re doing to help you to keep a roof over your head, whether you own your home or rent.

We mentioned that if you have a Nationwide mortgage on your home, and you’re experiencing financial difficulty, we were building an online Home Support Hub to help you get the ongoing support you need quickly and easily.

Our Hub is now ready

Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect from it and how to get the best from it. If this doesn’t work for you, and you still feel you really need to talk to someone, you can call us on 0800 30 20 11. Just bear in mind, it may take us longer than usual to answer your call as we are still experiencing many more calls than normal.

What does our Hub do?

It will guide you through your options to help you find an appropriate solution for your needs. That could include a payment break, either partial or full for up to 3 months – on top of any payment holiday support you’ve already received.

If you do decide to go for a payment break, bear in mind it will increase the amount you owe and interest will continue to be added to your mortgage.

You’ll find a tool on the hub that allows you to see what the impact of a payment break will be on your mortgage. While your credit rating won’t be impacted, lenders may make enquiries about your payment history and take this into account when making future lending decisions.

What information will I need to hand?

  • your mortgage account number
  • if you’re not sure about your income and outgoings, you may find payslips, bills and bank statements helpful.

When should I go to the Hub for help?

If you’ve already taken out a payment holiday with us, wait until you’re in the last month of your existing holiday before heading over to the Hub to get the ongoing support you need.

If you haven’t asked us for any support yet but think you need it now, you can go to our Home Support Hub straightaway.

Whatever happens, don’t forget…
If you’ve fallen into arrears because of the financial impact of coronavirus, and so long as you stay in touch and keep working with us to help get your mortgage back on track, we will not take any action to repossess your home until 31 May 2021. By which time we sincerely hope your circumstances will have changed.

Our Home Support Package also seeks to help people who rent their homes
Through our specialist buy to let mortgage team, The Mortgage Works, we’re encouraging landlords who take payment breaks to let their tenants take a rent break as well.

We’re providing more housing advice and support. We have a longstanding partnership with Shelter and right now we believe everyone needs to work together. So, we’re going to provide the charity with extra funding to help those with emergency housing issues.

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