Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home, such as the walls, roof and floors. If there’s any damage, you can make a claim to repair or rebuild part or all of your home. 

Cover usually includes natural events like storms and floods, as well as fire, vandalism and subsidence. You’ll also find it covers more unusual events like car and lorry collisions, falling trees, water damage from leaking pipes and oil leaks from the heating system.

What should I look for in buildings insurance?

Make sure that the sum insured is large enough for your needs. So if a fire destroyed your home, you’d have enough to be able to clear the site and rebuild your home. It’s worth remembering that the sum insured isn’t based on the property value, but on what it would cost to rebuild it.

This generally covers you against the cost of any one-off incident that damages your property.

If your keys are lost or stolen, this covers the cost of replacing the locks in your home.

This covers the cost of staying somewhere else while your house is being repaired or rebuilt after a major event like a fire or flood.

This is an emergency number you can call if there’s damage at your house that needs fixing as quickly as possible.

This covers the cost of replacing windows, glass in doors, toilets and washbasins if they are broken accidentally.

This covers the cost of repairing burst pipes, which is different from the cost of damage by leaking water.

If a leak happens in your house or underground on your property, this covers the cost of finding the leak and fixing it.

This covers the underground pipes and cables bringing water, gas and electricity to your home, and the pipes taking sewage away from your home.

This covers the cost of repairing any damage from burst pipes or water tanks.

This covers you for the cost of being sued if anyone dies or is injured, or if their property is damaged, because of something that happens at your home.

How much cover do you need?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have produced an online calculator that can help you work out how much it might cost to rebuild your home.