What's in this section?

Getting a Decision in Principle

The first step of the process for borrowing more.

Completing your application

Complete your mortgage application with or without advice depending on your needs.

Preparing your documents

Find out which documents we'll need to see as part of your mortgage application.

Getting a Decision in Principle

Just like when you got your current mortgage with us, you’ll need to get a Decision in Principle (DIP) before completing a full mortgage application. The DIP will allow us to re-evaluate your income and outgoings and confirm we’d be prepared to lend more to you. Your DIP will be valid for 90 days and you can apply for your DIP online, over the phone or in branch. Getting a DIP involves a soft credit check and won’t affect your credit score.

Completing your application

When you apply to borrow more, you can apply with advice (over the phone or in branch), or without advice (online). You can also start your application online, but switch to an advised route at any time.

Apply with advice

If you apply for additional borrowing with advice, one of our Mortgage Consultants will help you choose the best mortgage for your needs. You can apply with advice in branch and over the phone.

Apply without advice

If you choose to apply online, you'll be applying for your additional borrowing without advice from one of our Mortgage Consultants. This means you'll need to be sure that the mortgage you choose suits your needs, and you'll be solely responsible for your choice.

You must apply with advice (over the phone or in branch) if:

  • your mortgage term will take you into retirement age
  • you want to amend your existing mortgage term at the same time as applying for additional borrowing
  • you want to borrow more for purposes of debt consolidation, or to purchase additional shares in a shared ownership property
  • you're applying for equity share additional borrowing, or an Internal Remortgage to remove a party and borrow more (branch only)
  • your mortgage is part of our Help to Buy scheme

Preparing your documents

Mortgage application proofs guide

When you’ve finished your application, we’ll let you know which documents we need to see as proof of your income and outgoings.  We’ve also got a handy guide to take you through each type of document and exactly what we’re looking for. 

If you apply online, you can send your documents via email or post, or drop them by your local branch. If you apply over the phone, please post your documents or bring them by your local branch. If you apply in branch, you can bring your documents with you to your appointment/s. 

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Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your mortgage is secured on your home, which you could lose if you do not keep up your mortgage repayments.