Managing your FlexPlus account

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FlexAccount service grid
Internet Banking Banking app Automated Telephone Banking Our ATMs Our Call Centres Our branches Text Alerts
Money in and out of your account Paying cash and cheques in (up to £300)       Yes   Yes  
Paying cash and cheques in (more than £300)       Yes*   Yes  
Withdrawing cash (up to £500)       Yes   Yes  
Withdrawing cash (more than £500)           Yes  
Paying businesses and individuals Making bill payments, standing orders and Direct Debits Yes Yes Some payments     Yes  
Transfer money between Nationwide accounts Yes Yes Yes     Yes  
Make a CHAPS payment Yes         Yes  
Make an overseas payment Yes Yes
Make a Paym payment Yes
Managing your money Check your balance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Get a full statement Yes       Yes Yes  
Manage your arranged overdraft (eg: checking your limit or requesting an increase) Yes Yes       Yes  
Sign up for the Paym service Yes            
In case of emergency Stopping a cheque         Yes Yes  
Reporting a card lost or stolen   Yes     Yes Yes  
Freeze and unfreeze your card Yes

* You can pay in up to £2,500 in cash and up to £2,000 in cheques at FAST Cash Machines only (available at some branches). Use our branch finder to check for ‘Self Service/FAST Cash Machine’. If this facility is not present, you can still complete your transaction in any of our branches.