A new community in Swindon

When your plan is to build new homes, you should think about building a community, not just housing. That’s the idea behind our investment in a new housing project, in our home town of Swindon. It’s an idea chosen by our members, developed around the needs of those who’ll live there and the surrounding communities.

Why we’re doing this

This new project fits in perfectly with our aim of building society, nationwide.

And our members agree. In a recent survey, a massive 80% wanted us to invest in a new housing scheme – one that helps and supports people at key points in their lives.

Our investment in Oakfield also takes us back to our roots. Over 100 years ago, we helped finance the creation of Letchworth: the UK’s first ever Garden City, and a quiet revolution in the way people lived.

Sharing the new designs 

We’ll be in your local area in June to share the first designs, so come along and see what you think. These designs won’t be final though - we’ll be asking for your feedback and will then be back with more updates before we put a planning application in. Come along and see the first designs:

Oakfield Project Swindon

Oakfield Campus, Marlow Avenue, Swindon, SN3 3HQ

Sunday 10 June: 12 - 4pm (family activities and refreshments)
Monday 11 June: 5 - 8pm

Nythe Community Centre

Nythe Community Centre, The Drive, Swindon, SN3 3QA

Tuesday 12 June 4 - 7pm

Can't make it?

We'll keep this page updated with all the details of how we're working together to build a new community. Download our leaflet to see our progress so far.

See how your ideas are shaping Oakfield

The future

This is very much a work in progress, and probably won’t start before 2019. But we’ll be part of this community for a long time. We want to help it develop, so it has a proper chance to grow. 

For now this is a local scheme, but we hope it’ll start a national debate about how new homes are built.  

Keith Brown

Meet Keith, our Community Organiser

Keith Brown has been hired by Nationwide as a Community Organiser to make sure everyone local to Oakfield Campus is empowered and supported to make their voice heard and help create positive change in this neighbourhood.

Please contact him on 07825 832843 or by email oakfield@nationwide.co.uk

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