A new community in Swindon

We're creating a new community hand in hand with those who live, work, study and play close to the Oakfield Campus in Swindon. Our roots lie in community - a group of people joining together to help each other into homes. That's exactly what Oakfield is about today. It's more than a housing project. It's an idea chosen by our members and a new community designed by those it will serve.

We believe everyone should have a place fit to call home. Right now, there's a housing crisis fuelled by a lack of affordable and quality homes. So, with our members' backing, we're working to create the homes that people want and need.

We're committed to finding local solutions to a national crisis. That's why we're taking a fresh approach to development in our home town of Swindon. We'll be open with what we learn throughout this project. We hope it will encourage other responsible businesses to follow suit. And challenge both housing suppliers and policy makers to think differently.

What makes Oakfield different?

Oakfield computer generated image

From the start, we knew it was important to work with the community. We've employed a Community Organiser to work with local people, to give them a voice and encourage them to create the new community with us.

Oakfield homes are designed by architects who care about making this community special. They're unique and bespoke - you won't find homes like it anywhere else. The local community helped to shape their design every step of the way.

But this isn’t just about houses, it’s the start of a new community. There are shared gardens, plenty of places to meet and play, and a community hub. Oakfield is designed to foster neighbourliness and to benefit everyone. Community is at the heart of every feature.

Older and younger people tell us they’d like to live side by side, which is unusual in new developments. Through clever design people will be able to stay in their homes through later life.

Where are we now

We’ve been working together with local communities and Swindon Borough Council since November 2017. In July 2019 our planning application to build 239 homes was approved. We hope to begin work by the end of the year, with homes ready for people to move into in 2021.

If there’s anything you’d like to discuss we’d really like to talk with you. Get in touch by email at oakfield@nationwide.co.uk or call Keith our Community Organiser on 07825 832 843.

Keith Brown

Meet Keith, our Community Organiser

Keith Brown has been hired by Nationwide as a Community Organiser to make sure everyone local to Oakfield Campus is empowered and supported to make their voice heard and help create positive change in this neighbourhood.

Please contact him on 07825 832843 or by email oakfield@nationwide.co.uk

Give us your thoughts - and get regular updates

Got something you’d like to share about the latest Oakfield designs? Give us a few details, tell us your thoughts, and we’ll keep you up to date on progress by email.

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