A new community in Swindon

When your plan is to build new homes, you should think about building a community, not just housing. That’s the idea behind our investment in a new housing project, in our home town of Swindon. It’s an idea chosen by our members, developed around the needs of those who’ll live there and the surrounding communities.

We're listening to what matters to you

A map of the Oakfield site

From everything you’ve told us so far, we’ve been able to create some draft designs for how Oakfield will eventually look. This is an exciting new phase, and we want you to share more of your thoughts with us on the plans so far. Download the Oakfield Consultation PDF, read what’s being proposed, then use our ‘Share your feedback’ form to give us your views.

Image showing the plans

You’ll notice we’ve focused on green, communal and play spaces, as well as improved access to shops, local amenities and neighbouring communities in Walcot, Nythe and Park North. There’s also housing for those from older generations – enabling them to live for longer in their own homes. All things you’ve told us you want to see in Oakfield.

The future

This is very much a work in progress, and probably won’t start before 2019. But we’ll be part of this community for a long time. We want to help it develop, so it has a proper chance to grow. 

For now this is a local scheme, but we hope it’ll start a national debate about how new homes are built.  

Keith Brown

Meet Keith, our Community Organiser

Keith Brown has been hired by Nationwide as a Community Organiser to make sure everyone local to Oakfield Campus is empowered and supported to make their voice heard and help create positive change in this neighbourhood.

Please contact him on 07825 832843 or by email oakfield@nationwide.co.uk

Give us your thoughts - and get regular updates

Got something you’d like to share about the latest Oakfield designs? Give us a few details, tell us your thoughts, and we’ll keep you up to date on progress by email.

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