Social investment

Building society, nationwide

We’re committed to building society - for the good of our members and the communities in which they live and work. That’s why, when you’re a member of Nationwide, you get a say in the way we’re run and the causes we support.

Together, we’re stronger

It was our members who decided that we should give at least 1% of our pre-tax profits to local causes, all over the UK. That was over 10 years ago - and today, we’re still as passionate about giving back as we were then.

We’ve invested and unlocked more than £21 million into community and charity support over the past five years. Thanks to our members, we’ve been able to choose the causes that need us the most.

Building communities

We're looking at developing housing.

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Helping people to find a place to call home

Row of houses

We firmly believe that everyone should have a place fit to call home. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a first-time buyer taking out one of our mortgages or a private renter; our housing initiatives have helped more than 950,000 people find a safe and comfortable place to live.

We’ve also worked with Shelter to get 44,000 vulnerable people into a home of their own, and helped more older people stay in theirs through our support of the Elderly Accommodation Counsel.

The future

We believe everyone should have a place fit to call home, and this year we are working on a new programme to help make this happen.

Based on feedback from members, we are developing a new social ambition to find local solutions to national housing issues. We will be working with members and colleagues locally to make a long lasting difference to their communities.

Community Grants from Nationwide
Nationwide Foundation

The Nationwide Foundation

The Nationwide Foundation is an independent charity funded by Nationwide. Since 1997 the Foundation has made grants of over £30 million to over 3,000 charitable causes.

The Nationwide Foundation’s aim is to increase the availability of decent, affordable homes for people in need.

More about the Nationwide Foundation

Living on your side

In 2012, we launched Living on your side, a five-year strategy, bringing to life our brand promise to be on the side of our members.

Our members, employees and charity partners have worked together to benefit thousands of communities across the UK.

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