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We go to great lengths to encourage a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect. This really shone through when one transgender customer, Mr Games, visited our Eastbourne branch to sort out his mother’s power of attorney. The experience was so positive that he sung our praises with a Twitter video.

"We know that talking to your financial services provider about a change of name and gender can be a big step for people in the transgender community,” says Helen Taylor, a Customer Diversity Consultant in Membership Propositions. “The experience they receive at that point can have a lasting impact.”

Mr Games explained that sorting out his mother’s power of attorney isn’t that easy, as it was set up in his old name. “I have to show my old passport, my old name, and old pictures – it can be really, really awkward.”

Mr Games was looked after by Eastbourne’s Customer Service Manager (CSM), Bruce Steadman. The whole exchange put Mr Games so at ease that he was quick to rave about it on Twitter: “I want to give a massive shout out to [Bruce] for how well he handled it. He didn’t even flinch when I showed him my old passport. It was really amazing, and I wanted to share it.”

Bruce, who’s been Eastbourne’s CSM for two years, explains how an attitude of fairness and respect is something he and his team actively cultivate: “I think it’s really important to treat everyone with the same level of service. That is something I have worked on with my team since starting here. It’s situations like this that reassure you we’re doing the right things by our members.”

Mr Games’ praise certainly confirmed we’re on the right track: “A massive thank you to Nationwide for making the experience really painless – and for being a great example of how to treat transgender clients.”

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