How can we help all our people succeed? We have eight Employee Network Groups that offer the support, and inspiration needed to progress careers. One colleague who was able to excel thanks to the Ethnicity Network was Papa – a Branch Manager from Walton on Thames.

“When I started with Nationwide I had this complex that, being from a different ethnic background, things might be different for me. So I joined the Ethnicity Network. This allowed me to help managers learn about inclusive management as well as share my experiences with others who might relate,” explains Papa.

What he found was that “If you have the drive, Nationwide will give you the platform to be successful regardless of your ethnic background.”

The Ethnicity Network: shaping careers

Papa explains that joining the Ethnicity Network has helped him excel by building his confidence, and his network of contacts. He got to work with some great managers who, as he says ,“believed in me and gave me the opportunity to be who I am.”

The Ethnicity Network has also given him a platform from which he can give back to others. “I feel with the position that I am in, I can support my colleagues, the society and the community at large to advance ethnicity in Nationwide.”

Papa also cites joining the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) mentoring circle as one of factors for his success. This group helps improve the representation of BAME individuals at higher levels of Nationwide’s management structure. He found this experience so valuable he is now has five mentees of his own.

All in all, Papa is now one of the biggest supporters of Nationwide’s approach to ethnic diversity. “I believe strongly in the Society’s plan for inclusivity, and I’m an advocate for how the Society supports employees from different backgrounds to be the best they can be – not to mention the Society’s vision to represent the community we work in.”

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