Connecting with you

At Nationwide, we concentrate on giving our members excellent service and, as our members are effectively our owners, we believe we should be accountable to them. Here are some of the many opportunities that we've created for you as a member to have your say.

Member TalkBacks

Member talkbacks

Since 1997 we've held over 180 Member TalkBack events. Join us at a TalkBack to hear the latest news about your Society and make suggestions on how we're run.

The Nationwide AGM

Nationwide AGM

Your chance to have a real say on how Nationwide is run. Put your questions to the Board and hear what they've got to say face to face.

If something goes wrong

We have very high standards but we're the first to admit that sometimes we make a mistake. If this happens please tell us and give us the chance to put it right.

Watch video blogs

Our video blogs (vlogs) take a deeper look at hot topics from Member Talkbacks. Explore our experts’ in-depth answers to each question.

Investing in society

Citizenship report

We want to do our best for our members, and a vital part of this is supporting the communities in which they live and work. In 2007, our members voted for at least 1% of our profits each year to be donated to good causes. This has allowed us to support thousands of charities and community projects across the UK.

Corporate Citizenship, the Corporate Responsibility Consultancy, provides an ISAE 3000-based assurance of our social investment figures.

See how our members and colleagues have made a difference

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