Board committees and membership

Board committees and membership
Principal Committees Membership

Audit Committee

Kevin Parry (Chair), Rita Clifton, Tim Tookey and Phil Rivett.

Board Risk Committee

Tim Tookey (Chair), Albert Hitchcock, Kevin Parry and Phil Rivett.

Remuneration Committee

Mai Fyfield (Chair), Rita Clifton, David Roberts and Baroness Usha Prashar.

Nomination and Governance Committee

David Roberts (Chair), Kevin Parry, Mai Fyfield and Tim Tookey.

Board IT and Resilience Committee

Gunn Waersted (Chair), Mai Fyfield, Albert Hitchcock, Tim Tookey and Phil Rivett.

The Board has delegated authority to six principal Board Committees, the Audit, Remuneration, Nomination and Governance, Board Risk and Board IT and Resilience Committees, and Results Approval Committee.