This area of our website offers information about some of the things we do as a responsible business. For information about how you could go green and how we’re helping UK homes become greener please visit our Going green page.

Working towards a carbon neutral future

As a Society, we use electricity, gas and diesel. We buy 100% of our electricity from renewable sources. This leaves a small proportion of gas, diesel and other ‘scope 1’ emissions, such as those from our car fleet, to offset. To do this, we invest in a number of carbon reducing initiatives.

We support the Uganda Community Reforestation Project

The project organises hundreds of small community-based tree planting initiatives on land owned by subsistence farmers. It also contributes towards sustainable development, improves community livelihoods through education and training, and creates additional income beyond small holder farming.

Alongside contributing to our carbon neutral ambitions this also helps us support the following UN global commitments:

  • Gender Equality
    Small farming groups must include men and women. Women have access to leadership training and managerial responsibility.

  • Life on Land
    The project provides a sustainable supply of fuelwood. This reduces pressure on nearby areas of High Conservation Value.

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
    Training helps build the overall economy by strengthening business capacity. Increasing marketable foods, such as fruits, nuts, and honey enables many farmers to sell a greater range and volume of products.

  • Quality Education
    Through newsletters and small group seminars, training is provided on preparing and developing tree nurseries, conservation farming techniques, and the importance of health and hygiene issues.

  • Zero Hunger
    Conservation farming techniques like intercropping, can double yields.

Our journey doesn’t stop here. As we look long term, we’re aiming to make Nationwide a net zero carbon Society and to help tackle climate change globally.