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Our purpose and values

Our purpose and core mutual values underpin our commitment to operate from a position of integrity. We are further guided by:

In addition to this guidance, we ensure we listen to our members and our colleagues. We hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to allow members to have their say. We also host Community Boards across the UK to support local initiatives (opens in a new window). We regularly engage with our colleagues regarding their needs via internal surveys and through work with our trade union.

The scope of our statement

  • This document only applies to Nationwide Building Society.
  • It is approved by Nationwide’s Director of Communications.

Political interests

The Society is politically neutral and does not support, or seek to influence public support for, any political party. We are politically involved only on issues in the interests of the Society, its employees, and its members.

Our political engagement includes, but is not limited to:

  • responding to public consultations to convey Nationwide’s position on key matters
  • branch visits to discuss local initiatives and charity work
  • providing representatives before select committee and parliamentary group hearings where requested.

We ensure that the information and insights we produce in our political engagement efforts are up-to-date, complete, and not misleading.

Employees’ political activities and affiliations

Nationwide does not control, direct or influence any employee’s political activities or affiliations. Employees may only offer support or contributions to political groups in a personal capacity. Our Conflicts of Interest Policy underpins the need for employees to maintain separation between their work and political activity.

Employees are permitted to attend council business during work hours. However, this is entirely in a personal capacity and Nationwide does not seek to influence local or regional politics through an employee’s political activities. This is done in line with industry best practice.

We acknowledge that many Members of Parliament (MPs) will have a personal banking relationship with Nationwide. Employees should not attempt to influence MPs’ views or opinions on behalf of Nationwide when dealing with personal matters, unless instigated by the MP themselves.

Monitoring engagements

We hold an internal log of political engagements, including engagements at a branch level. This is maintained by the Policy and Public Affairs team.

We do not make donations, contributions or subscription payments to any political party. The only exception to this is where attendance at political party conferences requires the purchasing of corporate passes. In addition to this, we may sponsor events run by respected think tanks with charitable status. This is always done publicly and transparently. These purchases are not undertaken with political affiliation in mind, but with the sole intention of representing Nationwide and conveying the policy positions of Nationwide. The Electoral Commission outlines what constitutes a donation (opens in a new window).

We are subject to internal monitoring of our political engagement budget, and audits of our political engagement activities. This oversight is supported by our Financial Crime Prevention Policy that seeks to protect the Society and our members from illicit activity which would undermine the UK political system.

In addition, our Gifts and Hospitality Policy governs the process and approval procedures for gifts, travel and other privileges.

Integrity and behaviour

We do not induce civil servants to break rules applicable to them. In the case of employing former civil servants we respect their obligation of confidentiality.

All employees undertaking lobbying activity are expected to adhere to internal policies and standards. A non-exhaustive list of these policies and standards include our:

The Society will also ensure that third parties abide by similar ethical standards if undertaking lobbying activity on behalf of Nationwide. Where a breach of the rules is suspected, Nationwide maintains a Whistleblowing Policy to allow colleagues to report concerns.

Lobbying and campaigning

Any lobbying or campaigning activity must be:

  • carried out in line with local laws
  • recorded as appropriate
  • logged on respective parliamentary registers where required.

Our Market Abuse Policy governs employee behaviour in regard to lobbying activity and the sharing of commercially sensitive information.

We are members of groups which can and do carry out political lobbying and campaigning. This includes the Building Societies Association (opens in a new window) and UK Finance (opens in a new window). If a full list of groups is required please contact

Supporting policies

We have a robust set of policies in place that reinforce the integrity of our political engagement activities. These include, but are not limited to our:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Financial Crime Prevention Policy
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
  • Market Abuse Policy
  • Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Last updated: January 2022