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Future of work

In 2021, we published our Future of Work Report (opens in a new window) covering a range of topics on how the UK might respond to the challenges - and opportunities - presented by the pandemic. Considering how we work, how we live, how we look after our financial wellbeing to how we thrive as communities. This report draws from our colleague’s views and experiences and insights from other leading organisations.

As a result, we announced that we would be offering colleagues flexibility and choice about where they work. This empowers them to decide, with their colleagues and manager, where the best place is to do the work so they can have a work life balance that suits them best. Offering flexibility removes barriers that once might have discouraged people from considering a role in a different part of the country. It enables colleagues to move more easily around the organisation and try different roles, as well as opening jobs to a more diverse set of people from across the UK, rather than just those able to travel to and from offices. It is hoped that by casting the net wider, we can better reflect our members and become even more connected to the UK communities we serve every day. These are all working practices that continue today.

Recognising that flexible working is more difficult for branch colleagues, we continue to work with them to understand what would help them better manage their working day around their home lives. The Society is committed to continually trialling initiatives across the branch network where employees traditionally based in offices work alongside branch colleagues – breathing new life into branches and their respective communities.

This has allowed us to reduce travel and energy emissions when coming into the workplace, improving our operational efficiencies.

You can read more about what the Future of Work means for our employees on our careers site (opens in a new window).