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How does it feel to work at Nationwide?

We love being part of a mutual, working collectively to benefit our membership. We care deeply about our members and each other and take responsibility to act in their best interests. We work efficiently and treat our members' money with respect. We understand the part we play in shaping our society and take the lead in making it the best it can be.

We're committed to helping members make the most of their money throughout life, providing legendary service and long-term value based on enduring personal connections.

Our PRIDE values are deeply rooted in our culture, guiding our decisions, behaviours and how we treat each other. As part of a recent refresh to our values, our commitment to inclusion and diversity has become much more explicit – the ‘E’ of PRIDE changed from ‘Excelling at relationships’ to ‘Empowering each other’.

This supports our ambition of building an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive – ‘empowering’ is an action of making someone stronger and more confident, while ‘each other’ implies a sense of mutual responsibility that we all have towards each other.

What does PRIDE mean?

Putting our members and their money first

We make bold decisions, with a focus on diverse member needs and experience, as well as commercial outcomes.

We build strong and lasting relationships with our members.

We respond to opportunities, quickly balancing the needs of our people and members, as well as business performance.

Rising to the challenge

We work with agility and pace, demonstrating a continuous desire to learn, try new things and have a go.

We’re open to ambiguity, disruption and change and are willing to take appropriate risks.

We’re open-minded, always looking for diverse views from outside and across the Society to collaborate and deliver shared outcomes.

Inspiring trust

We create psychologically safe spaces by valuing each other’s contributions and encouraging and supporting one another to inspire mutual trust.

We set ourselves and each other stretching and ambitious goals, and are empowered to make the right decisions to achieve these.

We help each other achieve the right balance across personal and business needs, with flexibility for give and take on both sides.

Doing the right thing in the right way

When we are faced with a challenge or a tough decision, we do the right thing and act with care, integrity and compassion.

We have open and adult conversations, actively listening and constructively challenging each other with mutual respect.

We confidently speak up and take action against behaviours that go against our shared values.

Empowering each other

We proactively create an inclusive environment that uplifts our wellbeing and enables everyone to thrive.

We recognise the individual value we all bring, treating each other with fairness and mutual respect, without tolerance for rejection of difference.

We create strong relationships and seek out diverse views to help educate ourselves and improve what we do and how we do it.

PRIDE Champions

Our PRIDE Champions are colleagues from across the organisation who have volunteered and committed to influencing the PRIDE agenda within their business areas. They set the tone for PRIDE and help to highlight our mutual commitment to our members and each other, by valuing and recognising others. Our Champions work with PRIDE, inspiring people across our business to support our values by talking about them, believing them, celebrating them and living them every day. 

Measuring our culture

The Culture Mosaic is our way of measuring Nationwide’s progress towards our desired culture and is aligned to our PRIDE values.

Our culture is underpinned by distinctive aspirational behaviours that we can dial up or dial down. These behaviours are driven by the Future of Work Strategy, other strategic priorities and cultural initiatives that are tangible and can be measured across the Society. The measures we use include our all employee engagement survey and our inclusion and diversity measures. Alongside this, we also gain insight from more focused initiatives, such as efficiency activities and risk culture assessment to understand how our colleague experience is evolving.

We use these insights, which are a combination of qualitative and quantitative data points, to illustrate our progress, direction and pace, as well as tracking the overall impact, thereby enabling us to have a rich and meaningful conversation about our culture.

In 2021 we invested in a new colleague listening platform which allows us to continuously evaluate our culture through regular pulse surveys. Insights from these also feed into the Culture Mosaic.

Twice a year, we hold a Culture Mosaic review panel. The panel brings together non-hierarchical, diverse perspectives from different business areas and varying experiences to support a collective decision on position and progress of the cultural shifts. The panel is independent and facilitated to create an open and safe environment for views to be shared. We discuss the data and insights, agree focus areas for the next six months, and endorse strategic action that will shift the dial in the desired direction.

The outcome of the Culture Mosaic and the review panel is reportable to the Board.

Speaking up

We promote openness, honesty and transparency and encourage our colleagues to speak up whenever they witness or experience behaviour or actions that do not match our values. We encourage our colleagues to raise any concerns through their management, but for those who wish to remain anonymous, or prefer not to raise the matter with their manager, we have a confidential whistleblowing process.