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Leadership principles and development

Our ‘3Es’ leadership principles of ‘Envision’, ‘Empower’ and ‘Energise’ set the expectation for our leaders across the Society. This drives our culture of accountable freedom, which empowers leaders with the freedom to decide how best to achieve their goals and unlocks the potential of colleagues and teams by agreeing the outcomes needed for our people to be at their best.

Building on strong foundations, we will enhance leadership capabilities to carefully navigate through challenges and inspire our people in the future of work, this means improved change readiness and capability and more pace to deliver a stronger commercial performance.

Our priorities for leadership development are:

  • ensuring that all leaders have the core management skills to support and develop their people, driving performance
  • continually developing digital leadership capability in an ever-changing, technologically enabled workplace
  • empowering societal leadership whereby our leaders contribute to the wider society, promoting inclusion and diversity and our mutual values.

We are committed to ensuring that all leaders have the support to be the best people managers they can be via our Leadership Essentials development offering. We seek to continually support leadership development through targeted leadership programmes and conversations.