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The Arthur Webb Challenge Cup

We want our people to have the time to think as well as do, taking responsibility for what they do and the way they do it. If we find a better way of doing things, we’re encouraged to shout about it, because everyone’s opinion and creativity to make things happen is valued. We believe in a ‘test, learn and adapt approach’- try something, and if it doesn’t work the first time, learn from it, and change it.

One way in which we demonstrate this is in the Arthur Webb Challenge Cup. This is an annual event paying homage to the great Arthur Webb, who was a pretty awesome guy (with a great 'tache). He worked at Nationwide and helped make the Society what it is today. The challenge is all about working collaboratively to step up and have a go at making Nationwide a better place for both our members and colleagues, through employee-driven projects.

Each year we focus on a different letter of PRIDE, encouraging projects that help us tackle one of our pressing business priorities.

Over the last 3 years, our 311 teams have delivered some impressive projects and have made a massive contribution to the Society, all through their own hard work and determination.

It just so happens that as well as delivering impressive improvements, the participants are also in friendly competition for a super shiny cup and a cool prize, as well as the claim to fame of winning!